Stuart Weber is a fourth generation Montana native whose passion for the land equals his passion for the guitar. He is among a new breed of classical guitarist, one of today’s prophetic players shaping the future of the instrument. He performs the classics with uncompromising virtuosity while his original pieces interpret the natural environment with melodic inspiration and sensitivity. Honing his craft of guitar playing in relative isolation has produced a uniquely talented artist. Although his history with the guitar began at age eleven, he had no formal training until his apprenticeship with the legendary Christopher Parkening. In this fertile setting, Weber quickly developed classical sensibilities and techniques that would help define his individual style of guitar playing.


In addition to bringing to the concert stage guitar performances of traditional classical compositions including selections by Bach, Dvorak and Bartok, Stuart Weber’s ability to draw out the unique character of the West in his original compositions has earned him a reputation as an artist of musical landscapes. His musical creations like The Gallatin Jig, The Missouri Breaks and Red, White and Yellowstone reflect the relationship between artist and nature. The Denver Post praised Weber as "a Western original". He has been featured in several publications including Acoustic Guitar Magazine and The Christian Science Monitor.